Lazy Man's Load - Saints Full Of Sin

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Lazy Man’s Load 2 years after the release of their debut album All Hat No Cattle are returning with their second darker and more introspective album Saints Full Of Sin, a time skip in the dystopian past of the world they introduced to us during their first album. Performing next to names such as Nightstalker, Suicidal Angels, 1000Mods, Deep Purple, Firewind and many more, the gang returns in the studio to share in an album the journey of these two years passed from the release of their first album.

1. Crimson Prayer
2. Prime Evil
3. Heavy Is The Crown
4. Abfall
5. Saints Full Of Sin
6. Fed To The Shrine
7. Slackjawed
8. Pilgrim And The Witch
9. Waltz No.9

Band: Lazy Man's Load
Music Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock
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