Synteleia - The Secret Last Syllable

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On May 14th internationally, Floga Records is proud to present SYNTELEIA’s highly anticipated second album, The Secret Last Syllable, on CD and tape formats, while a vinyl LP format is scheduled for later this year.



1. Tower of Koth

2. Emblem of Yith

3. Nymph of the Pyramids pt. 1 - The Reign

4. Nymph of the Pyramids pt. 2 - The Curse

5. Escaping Atheron

6. Harvest the Forest

7. Into the Abyss - A Passage to Insanity

8. The Secret Last Syllable

9. Ω-Α (Omega-Alpha)

Band: Synteleia
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Floga Records