Blood Incantation - Starspawn (Coloured, Black + Red/Orange)

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After releasing the "Interdimensional Extinction" EP, Blood Incantation returned with a 30-minute cerebral whirlwind of powerful atmospheric death metal. The intense and otherworldly technical/ambient/funeral death metal of "Starspawn" leaves the listener feeling transcendentally disembodied at the end of an unknown dimension. Produced entirely in analog, the energy and magnetism of live Blood IncantationN is tangibly melting through the speakers, and the songwriting, production and performance constellations have all fully aligned.

Black + Orange/Red Splatter Vinyl (Limited to 200 Units).

Japanese Edition with Obi Strip.


1. Vitrification Of Blood (Pt. 1)

2. Chaoplasm

3. Hidden Species (Vitrification Of Blood, Pt. 2)

4. Meticulous Soul Devourment

5. Starspawn

Band: Blood Incantation
Music Genre: Death Metal
Company: Northeast Steel Industry Media