Primordial - Storm Before Calm (Coloured, Dark Brown Marbled)

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The band begin recording as a 4 piece in Yorkshire together with Mags. Through much stress, financial and legal problems “Storm Before Calm” is recorded. The band play a few Irish shows, a few festivals and a mini tour with Mercenary and Callenish Circle. Hammerheart are in financial trouble and drop the ball with “Storm”, the press is again excellent but the promotion is somewhat lacking.

Dark Brown Marbled Vinyl.

Limited Edition (300 units).

Including poster.


1. The Heretic's Ag

2. Fallen To Ruin

3. Cast To The Pyre

4. Suns First Rays

5. What Sleeps Within

6. Sons Of The Morrigan

7. Hosting Of The Sidhe

8. The Burning Season

Band: Primordial
Music Genre: Black Metal, Folk Metal
Company: Metal Blade Records