Black Soul Horde - Tales Of The Ancient Ones

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The legendary debut of Greek heavy metal act Black Soul Horde, embraced by the wonderful cover artwork of USA's finest illustrator Vance Kelly (Down, Huntress etc), is now being re-released, for the first time on tape cassette. Featuring Greek heavy metal scene classics such as "Hour of the Dragon", "Horns of War", "Reborn In Fire And Blood" and "Ancestor Of The Ancient Gods".

Black Cassette.

Limited Edition (100 Copies).


1. Let The Valkyrs Ride

2. Reborn In Fire And Blood

3. Hour Of The Dragon

4. Demonon Tagmata

5. Ancestor Of The Ancient Gods

6. Horns Of War (Evermore)

7. Coming Home (Call Of Gaia)

8. The Light

Band: Black Soul Horde
Music Genre: Epic Metal, Heavy Metal
Company: Vinylstore