Terms Of Use

The online store https://www.vinylstore.gr (hereinafter called the “ONLINE STORE”) sells products online and is operated by the Company VINYLSTORE G.P headquartered in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, on 43 Chimonidou Street (hereinafter called the “COMPANY”).

Its email address is info@vinylstore.gr and the telephone center for customer service is +30 2310 447659 (working hours: MO-FRI 08:30-19:00 | SA 10:00-14:00).

The online store applies the following terms and conditions and any user who enters or trades with the online store is considered to accept them unconditionally and without exception. In case the user does not agree with the following terms, he must not use the online store in any way.


General Terms

The COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store, in accordance with its needs and the transactional ethics.

The COMPANY undertakes the obligation to inform the users through the website of this online store for any modifications, as well as for any change. It is made clear that any change in terms does not include orders that have already been placed.

Provided Information, Prices and Products

The COMPANY can provide no guarantee for the availability of the products. However, it may guarantee that consumers will be informed in a timely manner on the unavailability of a product or on future availability.

All information on the pages of the online store such as title and product description, image, price and other features are provided by the COMPANY based on the official information catalogs of the companies that manufacture/ import or distribute their products in Greece. The COMPANY is committed to providing with the highest possible completeness and accuracy all information related to the products sold through the online store.

The COMPANY is not responsible for data entries made inadvertently or by mistake and has the right to make corrections to the content whenever necessary.


Limitation of Liability

The COMPANY is not liable for damages caused from the use of products ordered by the customer and are due to incorrect selection of products by the user, improper use of the products or by fault of the production company of each product, such as manufacturing defect, incomplete or incorrect information accompanying the products.

The COMPANY is not liable for any technical problems that may arise to users when they attempt to access the website and during their visit on the website and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website.

The COMPANY is not liable for any damage that may result from non-execution or cancellation of orders for any reason due to force majeure, weather events, strikes, illegal behavior of third parties or emergencies. The COMPANY may also refuse to execute an order if it finds that the features or price of a product of the order do not correspond to reality and have been altered due to incorrect registration or due to problems with the online platform.

The COMPANY is not liable for the inability to provide services to visitors/ customers of the online store due to malfunctions of the platform hosting systems and/ or due to malfunctions of the Internet access provider systems and/ or due to malfunctions of the electronic payment services.

Users of the online store accept that they will not use the online store for sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in any other way any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, embarrassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or libel.

The COMPANY bears no liability for the content of other websites to which the user may be redirected from a link or banner of the online store.


Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content of the online store, including, but not limited to, text, news, graphics, photos, blueprints, provided services, and generally any type of file is copyrighted and governed by the national, European, and international provisions on Intellectual Property, with the exception of the explicitly recognized rights of third parties.


Register or Login

For the security of transactions, the user of the online store, before starting the process of submitting his order, can be registered in the online store. To register or log in to the online store, only your name and email are required. This information remains completely confidential. The COMPANY reserves the right to use this information to send updates on new products or offers to customers or registered users in the online store. If at any time the user wishes to cancel his registration from the email list, he can do so by sending an email at info@vinylstore.gr and request the deletion or change of his personal data.


Shipping abroad – Customs clearance of products

The customer is obliged to be informed by the competent authorities of the country in which he resides, outside the Greek territory, for any restrictions that exist in the import of products sold by the online store.

The customer can be informed on the specifications of the products through the online store and, as long as they meet the customs requirements of the country to which they are to be delivered, he can proceed to the order through the online store.

The COMPANY is not responsible for any additional customs charges that may arise during the shipment of the customer’s order. 


Product Prices

Vinylstore.gr takes every technical and practical measure to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the prices listed on the products of the online store; however, due to a technical error, it is possible that an error appears in the price of one or more products included in the customer’s order.

During the processing and pricing of the customer’s order, the prices are checked in relation to the accounting system of the COMPANY. In case an error is found in the price of a product, the customer will be contacted by phone or via email as soon as possible and in any case before shipping the order.

The customer can proceed with the order, with the corrected product prices, modify or cancel his order. If an order is placed with incorrect product prices and it is not possible to contact the customer for information, Vinylstore.gr will cancel the order.


Product Ordering

Orders in the online store can be made from Greece, Cyprus and a number of other countries. The listed price for each product is final, i.e. it includes any discounts on the product and the VAT.

The COMPANY reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice.

The customer selects the products he wants to buy and then follows the automated process of the online store. The process is completed when the user clicks on the “COMPLETE PURCHASE” button and checks the box “I have read and I accept the Terms and conditions of purchases”. By checking this box, the Customer expressly and unreservedly states that prior to the submission of his order he has become aware of the following information in a clear and understandable manner:

- The main features of the products he has ordered, as they are listed on the pages of the online store.

- The identity, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the Company and the Supplier of the ordered products.

- The total price of the order, including VAT, any other additional charges, as well as all charges arising from the shipment/ delivery method.

- The payment, delivery and execution methods as well as the deadline within which the COMPANY undertakes to deliver the products.

- The conditions, exceptions, deadline and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal as well as the obligation to charge the Customer with the direct cost of returning the products to the COMPANY, in case of withdrawal.

- The liability of the COMPANY for real defects and lack of contracted properties according to articles 534 et seq. of the Greek Civil Code.

Then the COMPANY will contact the customer via email to the e-mail address stated in his order and from this point it is considered that the contract of sale between the customer and the COMPANY has been concluded.

Alternatively, the customer can call the telephone service center at +30 2310 447659 and talk to a representative of the online store to place his order. The COMPANY representative announces to the customer by phone the total amount and the payment method and as long as the customer agrees, the COMPANY representative completes the submission of the order in the system.

By submitting a telephone order, the customer accepts the present Terms of Use and the Policies included herein, such as the Privacy Policy. The representatives of the online store do not receive any details from credit or debit cards as especially for telephone orders the payment by card is not accepted as a payment method.

After submitting the order to the online store, the customer cannot change his order; only the COMPANY representative can change it, if requested.


Order Payment

The customer has the option to pay for his order in one of the 4 different payment methods below:

- By payment to the courier service employee on delivery.

- By credit/ debit card. The entire card payment process takes place on the partner bank’s platform. The credit card details used by customers are NOT SAVED on the online store’s platform. Also, payment by card is not accepted for telephone orders.

- By bank deposit to EUROBANK.

• Using the PayPal platform, as long as the customer has a PayPal account.


Order Delivery

The customer’s order is delivered by authorized couriers to the residence or shipping address as stated in the order form.


Cancellation of order by the customer

For any order cancellation (full or partial) the customer must send an email to info@vinylstore.gr, or call at the customer service center at +30 2310 447659 (working hours: MO-FRI 08:30-19:00 | SA 10:00-14:00). 


Cancellation of order by vinylstore.gr

The customer’s order may be canceled for any of the following reasons:

Non-payment of the order within a reasonable time when the payment method selected is bank deposit.

When due to a technical error, the listed price or product description is incorrect.

 When the ordered product is not available and the system has not been notified in advance, and/ or when it is not possible to obtain it from the supplier for any reason.

In case the customer does not use the Vinylstore.gr ordering system correctly.

In case the execution of the order contradicts laws, rules and regulations.

In cases of force majeure.


Return of Order / Products

The customer can return any product FREE OF CHARGE and the money shall be refunded within 15 working days, in case the return is the fault of the online store (in case of product return, the customer can choose either a voucher or money refund).

In case of an order processed by PAYMENT ON DELIVERY or BY BANK DEPOSIT, the money refund shall be made by deposit of the amount from the online store in a Greek bank account indicated by the customer. 

In case of an order processed with payment BY CREDIT CARD or with PAYPAL balance, the money refund shall be made by electronic bank transfer.

In case the customer wants to return a product for personal reasons, without any fault of the online store, the shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.



The customer can withdraw the purchase within 15 days from the shipment of the product and to return it to the online store at his own expense. The online store is entitled to accept the return of the product ONLY in case the packaging has not been damaged or tampered with and the product is accompanied by the receipt of payment.

Refunds are sent within 10 working days after receiving the product.

Refunds by cash on delivery or bank deposit are made by bank transfer from the COMPANY’s account to the customer’s account who must be notified to the COMPANY including the following information:




Refunds for credit/ debit card payment or PAYPAL payment are made by electronic bank transfer.

Newsletter Update – Advertising

The COMPANY can use the customer’s email address to send newsletters for new products, product price changes or various offers at regular intervals, as long as the customer has agreed to receive newsletter emails. The customer has the right to delete his email address from the list of the newsletter recipients, at any time, either through the corresponding option in the “User’s Account’, or by clicking on the link “unsubscribe” in the newsletter email received from the COMPANY.

The COMPANY may post advertisements for products and/ or offers through advertising images (banners) in predetermined positions in the online store.



The online store takes all necessary measures to secure the data of the visitors, users and customers.


Applicable Law

The above terms and conditions for using the website, as well as any modification thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international treaties, and the Courts responsible for resolving any dispute shall be the Courts of Athens.

If a provision is found to be contrary to law and therefore invalid or void, it automatically ceases to be valid, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

The user should regularly check this page to make sure that he agrees with any modifications made to the terms of this Policy.


ATTENTION! Shopping with the online store is the responsibility of the user and is only restricted to users who are adults (over 18 years old) and have the legal capacity. Persons under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from making purchases from the online store and the COMPANY has the right not to execute the order.