Dark Nightmare - The Human Liberty

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The debut album from Dark Nightmare is out now on cassette for the first time!One of the best releases in Greek Heavy Metal scene, combining epic elements with melodic compositions. This release contains some of the highlights of the band, songs that they are never out of the setlist at their live performances. The album was released in 2009 and nowadays it sounds as pure as it did back then!
Cassette. Limited edition to 150 handwritten copies.

1. Harmony Of The Universe    
2. Invaders    
3. Hawks Of War    
4. Blood Land    
5. World Of Illusions    
6. Brotherhood Of Money    
7. Don't Give Up    
8. Dragonlakes    
9. Obsessions    
10.Planked Soul Of Sorrow

Band: Dark Nightmare
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Company: Blood On Ice