Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North (Double Clear Vinyl)

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With 2019's A Dawn To Fear, Cult of Luna delivered a career highpoint, and on 2021's The Raging River EP, they continued on the journey started with that record, one that concludes with The Long Road North, which stands as one of their most dynamic and beautiful works to-date.

Box Incl. 2-LP (Clear Vinyl), Booklet, Slipmat, Patch, 4 Art Prints


1. Cold Burn

2. The Silver Arc

3. Beyond I (feat. Mariam Wallentin)

4. An Offering to the Wild

5. Into the Night

6. Full Moon

7. The Long Road North

8. Blood Upon Stone

9. Beyond II (feat. Colin Stetson)

Band: Cult Of Luna
Music Genre: Experimental, Post Rock
Company: Metal Blade Records