On Thorns I Lay - On Thorns I lay

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On Thorns I lay are Greek titans. Where their peers in Rotting Christ, Septicflesh and Nightfall were swayed more by symphonic and black metal, the Athenian band went for a taste of the gothic on their 1994 debut. Which makes sense: after all, they are named after a Shakespeare sonnet. Thirty years and ten albums later, On Thorns I lay are releasing a self-titled album that pushes death-doom to epic heights, casting a newborn Gothic glow over muscular riffs and cavernous vocals hearkening back to the halcyon days of early ‘90s death-doom.
CD Digipack with 12-page booklet.


1. Fallen From Grace
2. Newborn Skies
3. Crestfallen
4. Among The Wolves
5. Raise Empires
6. Thorns Of Fire

Band: On Thorns I Lay
Music Genre: Death Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Company: Season Of Mist