Rotting Christ - Under Our Black Cult (Artbook)

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Under Our Black Cult is a deluxe 5 CD, 72 page book-set charting the early years of the Greek Black Metal legends, Rotting Christ. Written by The Cult Never Dies author Dayal Patterson, the book chronicles the early years of Rotting Christ from its Grindcore origins to the its status as masters of occult Hellenic Black Metal. The 5 audio discs contain a comprehensive collection of early works including demos, rarities, live material,  the classic Passage To Arcturo MLP, and the Thy Mighty Contract and Non Serviam albums.

5CD Artbook.


- The Other Side Of Life Demo 1989

- De Vermis Mysteriis Rehearsal 1989

- Satanas Tedeum Demo 1989

- Ade's Winds Demo 1992

- Promo 1995

- Passage to Arcturo 1991

- Monumentum Split 1991

- Dawn of the Iconoclast EP 1992

- Thy Mighty Contract 1993

- Αποκαθήλωσις EP 1993

- Non Serviam 1994

- Live 2000

- Live 1993

Band: Rotting Christ
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Season Of Mist