Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution - Unity of Opposites

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It is the hallmark of a great artist to embrace a new musical direction, to set aside past glories, and to state: I will not be bound by the past. With this new album Unity of Opposites, Blend Mishkin and his band Roots Evolution have taken its mastery of the reggae form and moved ahead artistically by integrating new influences and fearlessly assimilating them into a new vision.
Black Vinyl.


1. The Way
2. Mad One (ft. Dub Pistols & BNC)
3. Egyptian Love (ft. BNC)
4. Sound the Alarm (ft. Kid Kiddo)
5. The Crossing
6. The Reveler (ft. BNC)
7. Fire in di Dance (ft. Natty Campbell & BNC)
8. Cosmos (Egyptian Love Reprise)
Band: Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution
Music Genre: Hip Hop, Reggae
Company: Boom Selectah