Vice - Vice

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VICE from California, released their only album back in 1984 and through the years it has become one of the most highly sought after private metal EPs from the U.S. It contains amazing straight forward heavy metal like BROCAS HELM, UPPER ECHELON, EXCITER etc. Thanks to the guitar player Jim Brookshire, who helped us with this reissue, we managed to secure 6 non EP bonus songs that will drive every fan of quality U.S. heavy metal nuts. We are talking about metal anthems like "Get a grip", "Call to the Glory", "Sword of the King".
Black Vinyl.

1. Two Wheel Thunder
2. Battlecat
3. Feel The Fire
4. Stalker
5. Armies Of The Night
6. Call To The Glory
7. Get A Grip
8. No Law
9. Sword Of The King
10. The Slaughter
Band: Vice
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Company: Cult Metal Classics