The Magus - Vissodomontas (Coloured, Smokey)

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Availability Date: 10/31/2023
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The debut album by Greek veterans The Mangus is now available for pre-order at vinylstore. The Magus comments on the album: <<Harnasash's art once again brought my hellish visions to visual life. Its cover fits perfectly with the concept of the album, which is based on Lucifer's frustration and anger towards humanity. I can only say it's the most organic album I've ever made guiding all my Black Metal influences down a truly terrifying, nightmarish path>>.
Double Smokey Gatefold Vinyl. Limited Edition to 300 copies.

1. This is My Church
2. The Fall of Man
3. Ux Tenebrarum
5. Idolatrous Discord
6. Ama Lilith
7. Negative Renaissance
8. The Peacock King
9. Give the Devil his due: The story
Band: The Magus
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Circle Music