Theodor Bastard - Volch'ya Yagoda (Coloured, Clear)

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From album to album Theodor Bastard carefully and masterly combine many different exotic and traditional instruments. "Volch'ya Yagoda" is no exception. The special northern atmosphere of the album is created with Nordic nyckelharpa and jouhikko, primeval flutes created from tree roots and shamanic percussion.

Crystal Clear Vinyl (limited to 200 copies)


1. Flute Song

2. Shumi

3. Skejgored

4. Urzala

5. Les

6. Kamen, Sneg, Metal

7. Secrety

8. Requiem

9. Pozhato

10. Volchok (Russian Lullaby)

11. Obereg

12. Fjorn Gaden

Band: Theodor Bastard
Music Genre: Folk Rock
Company: Season Of Mist