Jinjer - Wallflowers

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Through their relentless hard work, non-stop international touring and critically acclaimed chart-topping releases gaining them over 250 million cross-platform streams/views – Jinjer are inarguably one of modern metal’s hottest and most exciting bands today. The band has become synonymous with doing things their own way and breaking every rule in the heavy metal handbook, which is loudly evident on their highly anticipated fourth studio album and the successor to the groundbreaking "Macro." Jinjer once again prove their exceptional knack for mixing groove, prog, alternative and experimental influences to create a sound unlike anything that has ever come before it.

Black Vinyl.


1. Call Me a Symbol

2. Colossus

3. Vortex

4. Disclosure!

5. Copycat

6. Pearls and Swine

7. Sleep of the Righteous

8. Wallflower

9. Dead Hands Feel No Pain

10. As I Boil Ice

11. Mediator

Band: Jinjer
Music Genre: Metalcore
Company: Napalm Records