Whoredom Rife - Winds Of Wrath

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Nidrosian black metal act Whoredom Rife‘s third album “Winds of Wrath” presents the peak performance which makes them parallel to the Norwegian black metal bands of the early nineties. In this sense, the newest magnum opus is overshadowed by the grim majestic grandeur and firm lineup of multi-instrumentalist V.Einride and K.R (vocals), resulting in a profound raw sound and aggressive scale suiting their work perfectly. Despite the three year gap, Whoredom Rife has spanned an epic saga of majestic black metal splendor. “Winds of Wrath” takes a consistent approach as the follow-up to their sophomore album “Nid – Hymner Av Hat”, as you will come to grasp the sonic evolution taking its course through the songs, maintaining a great balance between rawness and atmosphere.



1. Curse of the Moon

2. A Thousand Graves Endured

3. Gospel of Hate

4. Hav av Sykdoms Blod

5. Winds of Wrath

6. Einride

Band: Whoredom Rife
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Ván