Sarvekas - Woven Dark Paths (Coloured, Blue/Grey)

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Woven Dark Paths: an 8-song/48-minute album about delving into dark ancient rites, bloodletting for the forefathers, and true Nordic spirit as well as philosophy through ancient Nordic beliefs. With preternatural ease, Sarvekas transport the listener to ancient times: both the glorious 1990s, with their incredibly era-authentic style, and more so the times long, long before that, visual and violent in equal measure.
Sea Blue/Grey Vinyl.

1. Rite Of Transcendence
2. The Scryer Of Bones
3. Of Bloodlust & Nightside Sorceries
4. Embers Of Pagan Fire
5. Woven Dark Paths
6. The Austerity Of The Northern Lands
7. Soaring Over The Battlefields
8. The Great Winter

Band: Sarvekas
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Soulseller Records