Moshing in 2021 by Mosher Clothing

Κωδικός: PC538
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε απόθεμα

Metal never dies, and we will mosh again! Even if we have to use them annoying masks in the pit, right? This amazing artwork is a satire regarding moshpits in the future, but we just can't wait for good a ol' friendly violent mosh! Just check out the insane detail on this one!

- black t-shirt with a FOUR color print; 
- awesome "Moshing in 2021" artwork on the front, a Mosher Clothing exclusive, created by our brand new artist, Yusuf Wahyudi;
- super soft, high quality ink; 
- 165 grams; 
- twin needle stitching detail on sleeves, neck and hem; 
- Cotton/Lycra® rib crew neck with taped neckline for added comfort;
- 100% Cotton.


Μάρκα: Mosher Clothing
Χρώμα: Μαύρο
Τύπος Ρούχου: T-Shirt