Miasmal Sabbath - Ominous Radiance

Κωδικός: PC730
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε απόθεμα

UNHOLY PROPHECIES is proud to present MIASMAL SABBATH's striking debut album, Ominous Radiance.

MIASMAL SABBATH are a power-trio hailing from northern Greece. Although the members have a wide variety of backgrounds playing in other bands under the wider umbrella of metal, hardcore, and punk, MIASMAL SABBATH was formed with a singular purpose: to create swampy, D-beating death metal. A self-titled EP was released in 2016 on local underground label Sewer Grinder, followed the next year the two-song Ascension of the Foulest EP, also courtesy of that label. Between the two records, MIASMAL SABBATH kept their death metal pure while also nodding prominently to punk.

Alas, the best had yet to come for MIASMAL SABBATH, and it at last arrives with the band's debut album, Ominous Radiance. Right from the start, from the simmering, slow-burn opener of "Invocation of Death Essence," Ominous Radiance boldly proclaims itself as a staggeringly accomplished, fully-formed work. While the specter of death loomed large over its short-length predecessors, MIASMAL SABBATH here have a firmer, far-deeper grounding in deeper thematics of the occult, as suggested by such song titles as "The Oracular Voice," "Ghostly Aura Bathed in Stellar Luminence," and especially "Wisdom of the Occult" among others. As such, their ceaselessly surging style of D-beat/death transcends the hokiness of so much "fun" otherwise laboring lazily under that banner, and the trio ably exude a suitably ghostly aspect to their powerful push and pull (and push some more). In other words, Ominous Radiance charges hard ? VERY HARD ? with all the crush 'n' clang you'd expect from a band equally influenced by Indecent and Obscene as Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, as much Mental Funeral as Allday Hell, but is given haunting atmosphere and deceptively epic songwriting which squarely put this into a rarefied realm altogether. And with the whole eight-song album clocking in at nearly an hour, Ominous Radiance carries a totality that's indeed radiant to behold, and brilliantly so.

A new dawn fades, and a darker sun is on the horizon...behold MIASMAL SABBATH's Ominous Radiance! 


Συγκρότημα: Miasmal Sabbath
Είδος Μουσικής: Death Metal
Εταιρεία: Unholy Prophecies