Moby - Reprise

Κωδικός: PC1195
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε απόθεμα

Sorry if this seems self-evident, but for me the main purpose of music is to communicate emotion, to share some aspect of the human condition to whomever might be listening. I long for the simplicity and vulnerability you can get with acoustic or classical music. – moby

Reprise is the 19th studio album by American musician Moby, released on Deutsche Grammophon on May 28, 2021. It features orchestral and acoustic arrangements of songs from his career, performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra, a string quartet, along with multiple guest artists.

CD Digipack.

Συγκρότημα: Moby
Είδος Μουσικής: Ambient, Electronic
Εταιρεία: Deutsche Grammophon