Long Distance Calling - How Do We Want To Live? (Χρωματιστό, Κίτρινο)

Κωδικός: PC584
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε απόθεμα

Germany’s most successful instrumental rock act Long Distance Calling explore the next step in their multi-faceted career with their 7th studio album ‘How Do We Want To Live?’. The band have returned with a sharply defined, artistically deep exploration of the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. In late 2020, Long Distance Calling will continue their hugely successful ‘Seats & Sounds’ tour, and this year also saw them nominated for the German Musikautorenpreis 2020 for compositional & artistic achievement. ‘How Do We Want To Live?’ carries all the bands trademarked sounds whilst at the same time revealing new, surprising and unexpected elements of the Long Distance Calling sonic landscape. The album will be available a Limited Deluxe Boxset incl. 180g 2LP + CD + 7inch incl. 2 remixes + 4 signed art cards (to be released only in Germany), as Limited Edition CD (hardcover Digipak with 24-pages booklet), as Gatefold Black 2LP + CD & as digital album.

Boxset. Περιορισμένη Έκδοση σε 400 κόπιες. 

Συγκρότημα: Long Distance Calling
Είδος Μουσικής: Post Rock, Progressive Rock
Εταιρεία: Inside Out Music